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Generations Dance Academy: A Legacy of Dance, Family, and Community

As Generations Dance Academy approaches its 34th year of providing exceptional dance education, we are delighted to share a heartwarming story that epitomises the essence of our school's name. Meet the wonderful, Emma, a loyal 35-year-old who has been part of our dance family since the tender age of 3.

Emma's journey with Generations Dance Academy is a testament to the enduring impact of our school. Having started as a young dancer under the guidance of Wendy until the age of 19, Emma's connection with our school took a new turn when she rejoined our adult classes upon returning to the area. What makes Emma's story truly special is the multi-generational bond that has formed within her family.

Not only does Emma attend adult classes, but she is also a proud dance mum, bringing her daughter into the same dance studio that played a pivotal role in her own life. Adding another layer to the story, Emma's mum, Dawn, has also embraced the joy of dance by joining adult classes alongside her daughter. This unique family dynamic beautifully captures the essence of Generations Dance Academy – where the love for dance is passed down through generations.

In her own words, Emma reflects on the reasons why Generations Dance Academy holds a special place in her heart and why she continues to choose it for her family:

“The reason my Mum chose Generations Dance Academy for me and the reason I have now chosen it for my daughter, (and will for my youngest if she wants to dance too!) is because of how inclusive and supportive a dance school it is. Wendy embraces everyone! As long as you have a love of music and dance and want to learn, it doesn’t matter where you come from, how good you are or what you look like. She excels in supporting young children to develop their confidence. My daughter struggled with confidence when she was younger but since starting dance at Generations her confidence in herself and with other people has just grown and grown.”

Emma goes on to express her gratitude for the family-like atmosphere Wendy has cultivated at the school. From offering cooked meals in ‘The Barre’ between classes to organising family events throughout the year, Generations Dance Academy goes beyond just dance lessons – it creates a sense of belonging and camaraderie.

Reflecting on the impact of dance on her life, Emma shares,

"Generations Dance Academy means a lot to me. It has been a massive part of my life and now my family’s life. I have always loved dancing, and doing dance lessons growing up has given me a skill I am very thankful for, but more than that it helped me develop a confidence in myself and my body that I am not sure I would have otherwise. That is down to the supportive environment that Wendy and her dance family have created. It gave me lots of opportunities in life and even helped me get my place in medical school."

As Emma rejoins adult classes and witnesses her daughter's joy in dance, the generational connection continues to flourish. Dance parties at home involving three generations and the passing down of tap moves from daughter to grandmother are just some of the cherished moments that make Generations Dance Academy a truly unique and enduring dance family.

For Emma and her family, the journey with Generations Dance Academy is far from over. As they express their hopes to stay part of the Generations family for many more years, we celebrate the legacy of dance, family, and community that defines our school. Here's to the past, present, and future generations of dancers who continue to make our dance academy a place where dreams take flight and memories are created to last a lifetime.


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