Our Classes

'Dance for the love of it' - Miss Wendy, GDA Principal


Musical Theatre

For ages 6 +

Musical Theatre teaches a combination of Singing, Acting and Dancing, plus the skill of doing these things all at once!
The class often recreate scenes from musicals and movies, and they also create their own pieces for our annual shows and performances.
The children have so much fun in this class and seeing them grow in talent and confidence is amazing.



For ages 3 +

At GDA we follow the most widely recognised and highly respected syllabi with the Royal Academy of Dance.
Ballet is recommended for all dance students, it not only benefits the dancer’s physical ability with strength, posture (there for protecting the body), but it also teaches discipline and etiquette in the dance environment, which guides the student in everyday life as well.


Progressive Ballet Technique (PBT)

For ages 8 +

Progressive Ballet Technique is a unique training class, using gym/exercise balls to strengthen and improve all round technique, particularly Ballet.
It is an 'add-on' class to excel your skills alongside a Graded Ballet class and other genres.

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Contemporary & Lyrical

For ages 6 +

Contemporary and Lyrical are both separate genres, as they share some similarities, we decided to merge the class to cover both. They are both wonderful styles of dance, often performed with a lot of expression and emotion. 
Contemporary itself has many styles within the genre, primarily danced with a feeling of freedom, making unusual movements and shapes, but also using highly disciplined technique. You will be surprised how tricky it is to find the balance between being free but maintaining the control!
Lyrical, on the other hand, uses technique to make more delicate movements, more classical shapes, often telling a story with the choreography.
Within our classes, we think it is especially important with these styles that the student is able to be creative themselves, so are often given the opportunity to work on their choreographic skills and use their imagination.



For ages 5 +

Acro is short for Acrobatic Dance, which involves moves which are probably best known as gymnastic moves. The difference being the acrobatic moves are entered and exited in a way that runs smoothly within dance choreography. Because of this, Acro does require a unique style and technique, different to gymnastics.
At GDA we follow the worldwide syllabus from Acrobatic Arts. Our structured training is highly effective and, most importantly, it is safe! It teaches progressively, and focusses strongly on strength and flexibility, while also acknowledging the age of the student’s body, as the maturity of the body will determine what is safe or not. We absolutely will not teach something that is not safe yet, no matter how much the child wants to achieve what they have seen on YouTube!

Old Tap Shoes


For ages 4 +

At GDA we follow one of the most widely recognised and highly respected syllabi with the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance (ISTD).
Tap is a fascinating genre and an incredible skill to learn. Not only is it extremely fun, but it also benefits the dancer’s physical strength and balance. It is a fabulous form of exercise and really gets the heart pumping, as well as being a brilliant mental exercise with all of the rhythms, quick thinking and intricate foot isolations.

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For ages 6 +

Commercial is the style of dance you often see backing dancers perform on stage with pop/urban music, and in music videos for example. It is an extremely popular genre, with a mix of fast and slow movements and isolations, it is a brilliant work out that leaves you feeling energised.



For ages 5 +

At GDA we follow one of the most widely recognised and highly respected syllabi with the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance (ISTD).
Modern is a technical style of dance, it follows structure and specifics to strengthen and align the dancer. It gives a very strong technical base for genres like Jazz and Contemporary, even Commercial and Street styles.



For ages 3 +

Jazz is a fascinating genre with a lot of history, and within the bracket of 'Jazz' are many styles. We think it is important for the dancer to investigate as many as possible, along with the history of this fabulous art form. 
Jazz teaches many different skills such as technique, posture, expression, energy, power, control, to travel the stage, to perform with facials, and capture their audience with all round entertainment, just to name a few!


Street Dance

Ages 6-12

Street Dance is an incredible style of dance which eventually requires lots of strength and balance, but training is given during the class to build up to challenging skills. There are lots of styles that fall under the category 'Street', all of which are taught and studied within the classes, including breakdancing.