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Get ready for an electrifying evening that will take you on a whirlwind journey through the realms of dance! 

In our breathtaking first half, witness our Ballet students as they weave a captivating tale inspired by the timeless story of Romeo and Juliet. Feel the passion, the drama, and the intensity as they bring Shakespeare's classic love story to life through the language of dance.


In the second half, brace yourself for an explosion of energy and creativity as we dive into a mesmerising medley of dance styles. From the rhythmic beats of Tap to the urban groove of Street dance, our talented students will dazzle you with their versatility and skills. Get ready to be wowed as they push the boundaries of dance and showcase the incredible diversity of our Academy.


We look forward to you joining us as we celebrate the hard work and dedication of our extraordinary students and teachers. Get your tickets now and prepare to be swept off your feet!

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Book YourTickets Now

Exciting and important show information for students and parents!

The show is getting closer and we are working hard behind the scenes to prepare for the big day! 
Everyone is invited to take part in our big production of 'Eternity'.

If you are joining us to perform, we require you to complete the legal paperwork found inside your show booklet below, as well as costume information and much more!

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