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GDA Student feature - Alice!

This month we caught up with one of our students, Alice. Amidst the whirlwind of pirouettes, Alice shared her profound love for dance and the transformative power it holds in her life!

For Alice, dance is not just a hobby, it is a sanctuary away from the pressures of school. A community in which she feels like she belongs. This has inspired her to one day open a dance school of her own due to the atmosphere and nurturing of our very own principal, Wendy.

"I love that it's something I can work on and focus on away from school. It feels like an escape I can always work at to get better."

As Alice gears up for the next chapter in her journey at the Royal Academy of Dance, her favourite class, Neo-Classical Ballet, has given her the opportunity to choreograph which is where she has found her passion.

"I really enjoy the chance to do dances that are either more advanced contemporary or more modern ballet styles."

ballet dancer on stage
Alice performing on stage.

Alice is due to perform as 'Juliet's friend' in our 2024 annual show and has dreams for the future of teaching dance to students all over the globe. She has been an integral part of our Troupe competition team and wants to make sure she gives it her all for the rest of the year with the team. This will give her the perfect transition to the Academy in London.

Competing and dancing with GDA has given her confidence as the amazing young dancer she is. She has made some best friends here at GDA and we will all be sad to see her leave, but hopefully, she will visit often!

"I have learned so much from my teachers and I am really grateful for everything they have done for me."

Alice has credited Miss Emily who has made a massive difference to her confidence and has been an incredible role model over the last few years.

And to those who may be contemplating joining the ranks of GDA's passionate dancers, Alice advises that GDA has the perfect mixture of classes with so many opportunities and the greatest atmosphere.

"I would 100% recommend joining GDA. I really look forward to all the classes I take each week and I think it is the perfect foundation for any aspiring dancer."


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