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Adult Classes at GDA

At GDA, we pride ourselves on our inclusive, friendly, family atmosphere.

Dance is not just for children; in fact we have many adult students!

Whether you used to dance and have never lost the love for it, or if you have never danced before but have longed for your own pair of dance shoes, we are here for you, no matter your age or experience.

Whether you are 17 or 117, our highly trained, qualified, and experienced teachers are ready for you.

We adapt movements to your individual capabilities, working around injuries and could even have the knowledge to help you recover from them.

Which class should I choose?

Tap - Tap is a fascinating genre and an incredible skill to learn. Not only is it extremely fun, but it also a great form of exercise. We run two Adult Tap classes, one on a Tuesday evening, and the other on a Friday morning.

Ballet - Can help with strength, balance, posture, flexibility, concerntration and more, whilst learning about the discipline

Street - This class is all about feeling cool and funky, learning old and new street styles!

Dance-U-Fit - A dance based fitness class for over 50's, in a warm, sociable and fun atmosphere.

Our Friday morning tap class follows, which makes a great morning routine.

What do I wear?

Please arrive dressed in clothing that you can move freely in, e.g., Leggings and a T-shirt. Bare feet are acceptable, hair must be secured away from the face. Please also bring water. If you wish to purchase dance shoes, or any items of dance clothing, you can find anything you need in our on-site dance shop.

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Let's get you dancing!! Join our GDA family!

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