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Vicky's Choreo Class

Vicky journey at GDA has been a beautiful one. She trained with us for many years and discovered the incredible talent she has for choreography.

We are beyond proud to give Vicky a class of her own, to share her talent with our students who admire her, experiment with her skills, and help her to progress her dance career further.

This class does not have just one genre of dance, it explores many styles broadening the students knowledge, as well as falling in love with Vickys own unique style.

What do I wear?

If you are new to class, then please arrive dressed in clothing that you can move freely in, e.g., Leggings and a T-shirt. Bare feet are acceptable, hair must be secured away from the face. Please also bring water.

Uniform must be worn in classes after your trial ends, which can be purchased from our online store or our on-site dance shop.  This consists of GDA branded crop top, vest top or t-shirt, and GDA branded jogging bottoms or leggings. Jazz shoes and foot thongs are to be worn mainly, occasionally, clean trainers may be needed.

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