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Musical Theatre at GDA

Musical Theatre, for students ages 6yrs and above, teaches a combination of Singing, Acting and Dancing, plus the tricky skill of achieving these things all at once!

The class often recreate scenes from musicals and movies, and they also create their own pieces for our annual shows and performances.

The students have so much fun in this class and seeing them grow in talent and confidence is amazing.

What do I wear?

If you are new to class, then please arrive dressed in clothing that you can move freely in, e.g., Leggings and a T-shirt. Bare feet are acceptable, hair must be secured away from the face. Please also bring water.

Uniform must be worn in classes after your trial ends, which can be purchased from our online store or our on-site dance shop.  This consists of GDA branded t-shirt and GDA branded leggings, Jazz shoes or bare feet is acceptable.

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