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What's going on at GDA?

Theater Marquee Lights


Our Annual Show will be on July 9th 2023 at Hinchingbrooke Performing Arts Centre!!


All students are invited to take part, and tickets will be available for families and friends to watch!

We need your help!!

Like all performances, ours too can only take place if there are enough Chaperone Licence holders. 

If any parents, friends or family member are able to help backstage, you would need to have a Chaperone Licence and this needs to be applied for through Cambs County Council. 


Please email us or chat to us at the studio if you wish to help, it would mean the world!

More information, like costume info, ticket info, rehearsals and much more, will be available during the run up to the summer!

Recycled Paper

GDA Notice Board

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Light Wood Panel

ACCELERATE your training with our monthly workshops!

Would you like to enhance your childs education and training, and widen their knowledge of Ballet? 
Wendy is extremely passionate about enhancing the training of our dancers with our new monthly acceleration workshops.


Workshops are 3 hours long, once a month, including PBT (Progressing Ballet Techinique) training for 1 hour and Vaganova Ballet training for 2 hours; two aspects of Ballet that provide the ultimate, top level technique education.

Priced at £35 per session or £90 for all three sessions in the term.


This intermediate/advanced level workshop is only suitable for those in Grade 3+ and who are passionate about their own training, technique and growth as a dancer.


Training dates are:

May 28th

June 25th

July TBC

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