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The dance journey of GDA Student, Aria Tilah

From her very first preschool dance lesson at 3 years old Aria was in love with dance!

When Aria dances everything else stops. She describes the feeling of being in a class or dancing a piece of choreography and being able to fully feel the music in her whole body. She can focus on nothing else other than where she needs to be in space and time.

“It’s like my brain just goes quiet for a bit!”

Aria has trained at Generations Dance Academy, The Welland School of Dancing, the Chantry School of Contemporary and Balletic Arts/Chantry Dance Company and The Royal Academy of Dance.

During her years of training Aria has been able to experience a number of special performances including dancing on the Main Stage at MOVE IT with Chantry Dance Company and dancing at open days and showcases with audience members such as Dame Darcey Bussell and HRH Camilla Parker Bowles (now Queen Consort).

However, for Aria, the most special experiences are the friendships she has made on the journey, seeing all of her friends and colleagues continuously build each other up and support each other. “It's true when they say dance friends are for life!”

Our memories from dance class are so special, Aria notes her best dance memories are from the GDA studios, or with the GDA team at comps.

“We always had so much fun no matter how bad or good our days were and left the class feeling like we had worked hard. The way we supported each other at competitions was truly special.

One of Aria’s favourite memories was learning ‘in this shirt’, a piece for the competition. Mostly because of the look on everyone’s faces when Jess announced they were dancing blindfolded! Her favourite piece of choreography was ‘Dance Classique’.

What are Aria’s plans for the future?

She will keep freelance teaching in London. It's Aria’s first year as a fully-qualified graduate dance teacher so still very much finding her feet. She loves the satisfaction of improving every week (even if it's just a little) and is so excited to keep doing what she’s doing!

Eventually, Aria would love to work on a faculty of education for pre-professional dancers or those going into dance teacher training/other avenues of the performing arts industry.

Aria’s message for all the young aspiring dancers out there:

If anyone tells you you can't, show them you can. Especially if that person is yourself! The days when you don't think you can are the days when it matters the most that you try. Your future is what you make it so take every opportunity you can and work to make your dreams your reality!

Oh - and stop overthinking pirouettes. It's just a balance where you spin. Practise your retiré, make sure everything is aligned and that your arms are strong and you'll be spinning round and round in no time!

What fantastic words of advice, we wish Aria all the very best for her future career and can’t wait to hear her updates!


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