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Successful future ahead for Generations Dance Academy student, Brooke Slowe

When you join GDA, you don’t just become a student; you become part of our family. We love and nurture every one and feel hugely rewarded when our students go on to have a successful future ahead in dance, like our amazing Brooke.

Generations Dance Academy has been preparing children for the big wide world since 1990, and nothing makes us more proud than to see our students graduate and continue on their journey through life.

Our teachers don’t just teach you how to dance, they show you disciplines you can use in your everyday life. From self-care to organisation, to preparing for a life or professional event to making friends and how to support one another and be part of a team. Nothing is more important to us than to see you grow into the amazing young people you are.

We love hearing about our students' successes after they have left us and we have been speaking to some of our alumni about their journey.

Brooke is a very talented and very passionate Dancer. She has been dancing since she was a toddler and her passion first started after watching her sister at her Ballet classes. Doing what most toddlers do, she began to copy some of the moves she saw her sister do and loved the tutus! This was the moment she fell in love with Ballet and knew this was exactly what she wanted to do!

Her love for the genre has continued all the way through her life (as well as her love for the tutus and costumes she gets to wear!)

“I love to dance as I love how free you feel when you are dancing on stage. I adore telling a story through dancing, whether it is your own or someone else’s- this can also be a great challenge! Another thing I have always loved about dance is the gorgeous costumes!”

Brooke started her dance journey at Caroline Parker’s School of Dance where she took Ballet classes for many years, then went on to learn Jazz and Tap at TGS. After starting with us at GDA, Brooke learnt a lot of different genres of Ballet.

Her dedication to her dream of becoming a professional Ballet dancer saw her start the pre-vocational programme at Bodywork company and she even took up extra Ballet training at Forte Dance Academy. No one can say Brooke isn’t a hard worker!!

One of Brooke’s best memories of her early dance days (and one of the proudest moments) was performing at Sadler’s Wells in London with TGS. “This was my first ever dance show and I remember being so excited! I was so lucky to have gotten the privilege to dance at such a famous theatre!”

Brooke has had some amazing experiences growing up in the world of dance. She has travelled around the country with us at GDA and has been an integral part of our GDA competition troupe and made some lifelong friends.

Not only has Brooke made some fantastic memories with us at GDA but she has also had some leading roles in performances with the English Youth Ballet and performed at Move It 2019 with the Forte Dance Academy. Her next big performance will be at the Cambridge Pride Festival.

With all this passion, dedication and hard work, Brooke recently received a place at the London Studio Centre on the Classical Ballet Pathway. This is basically going to consist of more hard work and training for the next 3 years and working towards a degree in professional dance.

“This also means I will be moving away from home and living in London which is a huge exciting challenge!”

When Brooke has finished her training she wants to join a Ballet company and travel around the world with them doing what she loves the most!

We have no doubt in our minds that Brooke will achieve her dream. You are an inspiration, Brooke, and we are all so very proud of you. We cannot wait to see your name in lights and we will miss you when you head off to London - but I'm sure you will come back to visit!

Brooke’s best advice to the younger dancers in our GDA family:

“Always be yourself and have fun. Try not to compare yourself to others (and you can never have enough leotards!)”

We couldn’t have put it better!


What a beautiful piece about Brooke- Thank you for featuring her, and all of her achievements. She has had the most wonderful time training at GDA (8 years!) and will miss all of the GDA family. We are very proud of her 🥰 xx


Lucy Hare
Lucy Hare
Jul 28, 2022

Beautiful story for a beautiful girl. We wish you the best of luck for your future. You have been a true inspiration to my daughter who has watched your journey. We know you continue to work hard saving for your future in London, continuously demonstrated by now working at The Hare to earn money and doing a very good job of it! Due to the confidence dance brings it produces great front of house staff like Brooke. We really are one big family and we look forward to many more following your footsteps and GDA producing more confident young individuals that can earn money with us for their future! xx

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