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From dance studio to runway!

One of the best things about running a dance school is hearing about the successes of our past students. Knowing that we were a part of the journey they went on to become who they are today.

Of course, we hear that our students go on to dance on stages around the country or around the world, cruise ships, company tours and beyond, but we also love to hear about some of our past students that have gone on to do other things, not necessarily involving dance, and past student Maddie Pauley is carving out quite a fantastic career for herself.

From the age of 11, Maddie knew she wanted to dance and sing, and after seeing Generations Dance Academy perform at the Riverside Gala she knew this was the place for her. She came to one of our open days and found her love for performing arts!

Maddie soon became part of our competition troupe and loved the excitement and atmosphere that being part of a team brought her.

“The feeling of performing is like no other! Everyone comes together as one big family”

Performing brought Maddie the freedom of being able to express herself and what she was feeling at that particular time, through dance. The excitement of performing in front of people and competing is what she loved to do.

Maddie’s favourite memories at her time with Generations were the end-of-year shows and all the competitions, like many, Starpower was always her favourite! She also loved our GDA family gatherings and parties, which always bring the team so much closer and make hilarious memories!

Maddie has always been very glamorous, photogenic, and interested in fashion and makeup, and has now merged her passions for performing and fashion into the world of modelling! Maddie walked the runway at London Fashion Week in 2022 and in February 2023, is due to make her debut on the New York runway!

Maddie dreams of walking the runways around the world, Paris, and Milan, for all the iconic designers. She has even started her fundraiser to help with getting her well on her way. Any donation to support Maddie's ambitions would be hugely appreciated!

So, what mindset do you need to have to become a jet-setting model?

“Never compare yourself to another person, not just within dance but with anything. You are your own amazing person with amazing qualities. Keep smiling!”

We have no doubt you will achieve all your hopes and dreams for the future, Maddie. Your positivity and mindset are nothing short of inspiring. We cannot wait to hear about your New York debut. Good luck! This is just the beginning!!


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