Contemporary and Lyrical a both separate genres, as they share some similarities, we decided to merge the class to cover both. They are both wonderful styles of dance, often performed with a lot of expression and emotion.

Contemporary itself has many styles within the genre, primarily danced with freedom, making unusual movements and shapes, but also using highly disciplined technique. You will be surprised how tricky it is to find the balance between being free but maintaining the control!

Lyrical, on the other hand, uses technique to make more delicate movements, more classical shapes, often telling a story with the choreography.

Within our classes, we think it is especially important with these styles that the student is able to be creative themselves, so are often given the opportunity to work on their choreographic skills and use their imaginations.


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  • If you are new to class, then please arrive dressed in clothing that you can move freely in, e.g., Leggings and a T-shirt. Bare feet is acceptable, hair must be secured away from the face. Please also bring water.

    Uniform must be worn in classes, which can be purchased from our online store or our on-site dance shop. This consists of Leotard, tights/leggings and foot thongs/turners.